Anthony Freed

Specialist, Business Services, Integrity Staffing Solutions


Who says you need to go straight to college after high school? Some of the most successful people in the world, includingFortune 500 CEOs, have proven that you don’t need a college degree to make your mark in the world,and Anthony Freed, specialist, business services, at Integrity Staffing Solutions is proving that as well. Freed has more than three years experience in the staffing industry and credits the industry for providing him with a great job with benefits. Days after turning 21, Freed was promoted to manager of Integrity’s contact resolution team, a centralized team of six individuals that handles all of the firm’s temporary associates’ contact request issues. The new department was a direct result of Freed’s commitment to ensuring the firm’s support for each of their temporary associates in the best possible way.

Freed joined Integrity fresh out of high school, seeking a career with flexibility. He enjoys the connections and positive experiences he makes with associates. When he’s not working, he enjoys trap shooting and historical European martial arts. Like many millennials, Freed loves working with computers and enjoys the instantaneous experience that interacting with technology can provide. While he plans to continue to develop his career at Integrity, he also plans to attend a university in the near future.