Logan Green

CEO and President, Lyft

greenlogan_1608Ride-sharing provider Lyft ranks as one of the largest human cloud firms, and its CEO and president, Logan Green, is a millennial,based on news reports of his age. Green co-founded Lyft in 2012. Labelled a visionary with a strong moral compass by his peers, Logan’s vision for Lyft has propelled it into a realm where it’s competing with Uber for market share. Lyft and Uber are categorized as human cloud firms, with Uber ranked as the largest human cloud firm in the world, according to Staffing Industry Analysts.

Lyft recently agreed to a $27 million settlement in a lawsuit in which Lyft drivers claim they were misclassified as independent contractors.Green also serves on the board of eBay Inc., a role he was appointed to in June of this year. Green also co-founded another ride-sharing service while still in college called Zimride. Green joined the board of eBay Inc. in June 2016 and has also served on the board of the Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District. A passionate and energetic entrepreneur, his colleagues maintain he provides strategic direction while being