Todd Bowman

Business Analyst, Pontoon


Hard work, dedication and a willingness to help others has allowed Todd Bowman to shine in his role as a business analyst at Adecco Group’s Pontoon division, which provides managed service provider and recruitment process outsourcing services. Bowman joined Pontoon in May 2014 after graduating from the University of Toledo with a degree in finance. With no business experience, he established himself as the primary analyst on one of Pontoon’s largest global programs within one year and is building innovative data exploration tools that analyze concepts such as the correlation between recruiter performance and training programs to predict success.

In keeping with the millennial traits, Bowman typically hunkers down and works independently, rocking out with his headphones on; however, he also jumps on opportunities to interact with and support other stakeholders involved with the accounts he works on. Bowman is pursuing an MBA with a focus on information systems while being mentored by his Pontoon team for possible leadership roles in the future.