Mike Silverstein

Managing Partner, Direct Recruiters Inc.

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Mike Silverstein

Mike Silverstein

Mike Silverstein joined Direct Recruiters Inc. in 2008 after graduating with a business degree from Miami University, Ohio. Like many millennials, he craved an opportunity to be entrepreneurial and to make a difference. Within his first year, he launched a healthcare IT practice and currently serves as managing partner and director. Through training, support and mentorship, he’s empowered his team to expand into the health plan/payer, mobile health IT and life sciences sectors.

An advocate for recruiter training, Silverstein is committed to elevating the profession. He believes in old-school recruiting methods such as face- to-face meetings and phone conversations and employee-employer loyalty. In 2014, Silverstein was inducted into The Pinnacle Society, an honor bestowed on executive recruiters who achieve a minimum of $400,000 cash-in for three of the five most recent sales years. He enjoys playing sports and supporting charitable causes such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.