Sid Simone

CEO, Sid Simone Solutions

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Sid Simone

Sid Simone

Sid Simone doesn’t waste time. Although she earned her MBA in 2015, Simone is already a staffing firm owner. Her company, Sid Simone Solutions, is a staffing firm that fills promotional roles — sampling and event staff, and marketing managers. The company prides itself on diversity in age, race and physical mobility. Simone got the idea for the firm after seeing brand ambassadors handing out samples of soda on a college campus. The Muskegon, Mich.-based company initially started as a marketing firm but became a staffing provider.

And staffing is just one part of what Simone does. She also serves as an adjunct professor, and is planning a television show on travel and vegetarian cooking called “FlaVaFull.” As far as millennial traits, Simone says she most identifies with being independent and the desire to accomplish some- thing and be recognized. “Millennials, we want to be recognized,” Simone says. “But I want my impact to be positive rather than known as a YouTube sensation.”