Sarah Palmer

VP of Marketing, Adecco

palmersarah_1609Sarah Palmer joined the staffing industry through her experience in marketing and branding. Her mentor told her about possible opportunities at Adecco in Jacksonville, Fla. The company just acquired MPS Group and there would likely be rebranding. Palmer pursued the lead and got her foot in the door in 2010 by assisting with the rebranding of the Modis division. Since then, she has risen to VP of marketing at Adecco. After several years at Adecco, she will be taking on a new role: VP of marketing for a newly formed firm focused on recruitment process outsourcing.

It can be rare when what you do has such a direct impact on people lives, and the one thing Palmer says she likes about the staffing industry is the positive effect it allows her work to have. “I can say that I help put over 100,000 people to work each year, and there are very few industries where you can say that,” Palmer says. When it comes to the millennial traits that Palmer identifies with the most, they are flexibility and being able to work more efficiently through technology. Contrary to conventional wisdom, millennials work just as hard as other generations, with technology helping them work more efficiently, she says.