Jasmyn Merrick

Implementation Manager, Allegis Global Solutions

merrickjasmyn_1608What Jasmyn Merrick likes most about working in staffing is the sense of accomplishment she gets from doing her job. “Really, it’s what I do very day to get new MSP programs set up or expanded,” says Merrick, who is implementation manager at Allegis Global Solutions. A large part of her job is working to make sure things get done. Recently, Merrick worked to move a client to a new vendor management system — a process with a lot of moving parts. Merrick got into staffing nine years ago after working in the banking industry. She first worked at AT&T in recruitment before coming to AGS. What millennial traits does Merrick identify with the most? She says it’s a concern about social issues. Business can have a large impact on people and making sure that where she works operates ethically and has an eye toward community enrichment is important.
For the future, Merrick plans to keep rising, but she doesn’t have a specific series of steps to follow, instead, she seeks a variety of experiences. Outside of work, she enjoys food, traveling and reading.