Damien Gonsalves

Global Operations Manager, Allegis Global Solution

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Damien Gonsalves

Damien Gonsalves

Damien Gonsalves enjoys working with people and after studying business
management in college with a minor focus in human resources, he decided to join the staffing industry. So far, it’s been eight years since Gonsalves joined the industry, and today he is based in Boston as global operations manager at Allegis Global Solutions. He runs the day-to-day operations of a managed service provider program, overseeing standard operating procedures, technology and supply base management. But it’s the people that he enjoys working with the most, collaborating with great colleagues and learning something new every day. “Many of them have really helped shape and grow my career with AGS,” he says.

What millennial traits does Gonsalves most identify with? It’s the desire to travel and see the world. So far, he has been to the Dominican Republic and Mexico and has a trip to London planned. Outside of work, he enjoys watching sports and keeping fit.