Daniel Rein

Managing Director, Randstad Professionals

reindaniel_1608Helping people is what Daniel Rein likes most about his work in the industry. “Staffing and recruiting is a people business and so everyday you’re helping people get new positions or take the next step up in their careers,” says Rein, who as managing director at RandstadProfessionals, runs the branch in San Francisco. “At the end of the day you’re doing a great service for people out there.” Rein has been in the staffing industry for eight years.

He joined the industry fresh out of college when a recruiter thought he would be a good fit. Since then, he has moved up the ranks. When nominated for this list, Rein was described as innovative and deeply concerned about his employees. One trait he shares with other millennials is his technical know how, but he says, “I’m not a typical millennial, I’m a much older soul.” When not at work, Rein enjoys barbecuing.